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The Barn People - Vintage barns bibliography


These are the books that I’ve hung out with and used for reference over the years. Many are best viewed as picture books (coffee table books)) which can serve as visual guides but offer little or no factual information. Books are listed chronologically in terms of dates published.

The New World Dutch Barn : A Study of its Characteristics, Its Structural System, and Its Probable Erectional Procedures

John Fitchen

Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, New York 1968

ISBN # 68-20485

Excellent for learning

The Barn: A Vanishing Landmark in North America

Eric Arthur & Dudley Witney

New York Graphic Society, Greenwich, Connecticut 1972

ISBN # 8212-0488-2

One of the best for learning

Barns: Their History, Preservation and Restoration

Charles Klamkin

Hawthorn Books, Inc. New York 1973

Library of Congress Catalog Card # 72-7767

An Age of Barns

Eric Sloane

Ballantine Books / Random House, Inc. New York 1974

ISBN# 345-23809-5-495

Very well illustrated

America’s Forgotten Architecture

National Trust For Historic Preservation

Random House, New York 1976

ISBN # 0-394-73228-6

Living Barns: How to Find and Restore a Barn of Your Own

Ernest Burden

Little, Brown and Company: New York Graphic Society Books 1977

ISBN 0-8212-0749-0

Barns, Sheds and Outbuildings: Placement, Design and Construction

Byron D. Halsted, Editor

The Stephen Greene Press, Brattleboro, Vermont 1977 (Reprint)

ISBN# 0-8289-0293-3

Old Barn Plans

Richard Rawson

Beaver Books, Don Mills, Ontario 1979

ISBN# 0-88902-576-2

Salvaged Treasures

Michael Litchfield

Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, Inc. New York 1983

ISBN # 0-442-25841-0

* Page 157 & pages 210-211

American Barns : In A Class By Themselves

Stanley Schuler

Schiffer Publishing LTD, West Chester, Pennsylvania 1984

ISBN # 0-88740-145-7

Wood,Brick & Stone: The North American Settlement Landscape

Volume 2: Barns and Farm Structures

Allen G. Noble

University Of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, Mass. 1984

ISBN# 0-87023-411-0 (V.2)

Excellent for learning

Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn

Thomas C. Hubka

University Press of New England, Hanover, New Hampshire 1985

ISBN# 0-87451-356-1

Excellent for learning

Storehouses of Time: Historic Barns of the Northeast

Philip C. Ziegler

Down East Books, Camden, Maine 1985

ISBN# 0-89272-201-0

The Barn Book

Carolyn Janik

Gallery Books, New York, New York 1990

ISBN # 0-8317-0687-2

The Farm: An American Living Portrait

Joan and David Hagan

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., West Chester, PA 19380 1990

ISBN # 0-88740-257-7

Your Own Barn Home

Hubbard Cobb

Henry Holt And Company, Inc. New York 1991

ISBN # 0-8050-1151-X

* Pages 103 -108 & 167 - 172 and photo The Peabody Barn House (in color section)

The Pennsylvania Barn: Its Origins,Evolution, and Distribution in North America

Robert F. Ensminger

John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, Maryland 1992

ISBN# 0-8018-4304-9

Excellent for learning

Barn: The Art of a Working Building

Elric Endersby, Alexander Greenwood & David Larkin

Houghton Mifflin Company, New York 1992

ISBN# 0-395-57372-6

* Pages 208 - 215 & page 217

One of the best for learning

East Tennessee Cantilever Barns

Marian Moffett & Lawrence Wodehouse

The University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, TN 1993

ISBN# 0-87049-798-7 Excellent for learning

Dutch Barns of New York: An Introduction

Vincent J. Schaefer

Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, New York 12430-0378 1994

ISBN# 0-935796-50-9

Silent Spaces: The Last of the Great Aisled Barns

Malcolm Kirk

Bulfinch Press Book, Little, Brown and Company, New York 1994

ISBN# 0-8212-2093-4

Excellent for learning/ Great Photos

American Barns: A Pictorial History

Jill Caravan

Running Press Book Publishers, Philadelphia, PA 1995

ISBN# 1-56138-471-2

The Old Barn Book: A Field Guide to North American Barns & Other Farm Structures

Allen G. Noble & Richard K. Cleek

Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey 1995

ISBN # 0-8135-2172-6

The Essential Book of Barns

David Larkin

Universe Publishing, New York 1995

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Number 95-060820

* Pages 66 - 69 & pages 80 - 81

This Old Barn

Country Books

Reiman Publications, Greendale,WI 53129 1996

ISBN # 0-89821-175-1

Rock City Barns: A passing Era

David B. Jenkins

Free Spirit Press, Chattanooga, TN 37402 1996

ISBN # 0-9652308-0-5

A great fun book!!!


Nicholas S. Howe

Michael Friedman Publishing Group, Inc. New York 1996

ISBN # 1-56799-290-0

Field Guide to New England Barns & Farm Buildings

Thomas Durant Visser

University Press of New England, Hanover, New Hampshire 1997

ISBN 0-87451-770-2

Excellent for learning

The American Barn

Randy Leffingwell

Motorbooks International Publishers & Wholesalers, Osceola, WI 1997

ISBN# 0-7603-0109-3

Mr. Bristol’s Barn

John Szarkowski

Harry N. Abrams Inc. New York

ISBN # 0-8109-4286-0

Barns and BackBuildings

Donald J. Berg, AIA

Donald J. Berg, AIA, Rockville, New York 11571-0698 1998

ISBN# 0-9963075-0-X


John Michael Vlach

W.W. Norton & Company, New York & London 2003

ISBN# 0-393-73086-7

Excellent for learning / Comes with a CD

Barns: Living in Converted and Reinvented Spaces

Dominic Bradbury / Mark Luscombe-Whyte

Harper Collins Publishers, Harper Design International, New York 2004

ISBN# 0-06-059630-9

Excellent for Learning and Visually

Barn Preservation and Adaptation

Elric Endersby, Alexander Greenwood & David Larkin

Special contributor: Ken Epworth

Universe Publishing, New York, NY 2003

ISBN# 0-7893-0791-X Hardcover

ISBN# 0-7893-0794-4 Paperback

Listed below are projects completed by The Barn People that have been featured in this publication:

Pages 62 - 64

18’ x 24’ Wagon Barn

Reassembled in Sandisfield, Mass.

Well known Writer’s Backyard Studio


Pages 67 - 72

36’ x 50’ Threshing Barn

Reassembled in East Hampton, N.Y.

Workshop downstairs with Living Quarters above


Pages 80 - 83

18’ x 24’ Wagon Barn

Reassembled in Livingston, N.Y.

Swimming Pool with Architect’s Office above

24’ x 36’ Hay Barn

Reassembled in Livingston, NY

Horse Barn and Storage


Pages 154 - 155 & 170 - 171

32’ x 72’ Threshing Barn

Reassembled in Sagaponack, NY

Storage and Artist’s Studio


Pages 218 - 225

34’ x 46’ Oxen and Threshing Barn

Reassembled in Basalt, Colorado

Artist’s Residence


Pages 226 - 233

25’ x 75’ Livery Barn (Garage with Office above)

36’ x 50 Cow and Hay Barn (4 Bedrooms with Great Room)

40’ x 43’ Threshing Barn with attached Saltbox Addition ( Master Bedroom and Living Room)

25’ x 50’ Sheep Barn (Guest House)

18’ x 24’ Horse Barn

Reassembled in Sun Valley, Idaho


Pages 254 - 255

30’ x 30’ Threshing and Cow Barn

Reassembled in Sun Valley, Idaho

Guest House / Artist’s Studio


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